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Tom Monaghan started the Domino’s Pizza chain in the year 1960, with an individual store in Ypsilanti in Michigan in the USA. Within the next 18 years, there were 200 franchise outlets all over the country. Soon, the company expanded across the pond to the UK and started the first branch in Luton in 1985. The pizzas, sides, drinks and desserts Domino’s menu offered caught the fancy of the customers in a big way and by the end of the year 2013, there were around 663 outlets in England with many more in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and other European countries. Statistics have shown that in the year 2014, Domino’s Pizza earned revenue of around £295 million.

Domino’s prices range from a minimum of £2.99 for pancakes to £16.99 for a sumptuous pizza packed with smoked bacon rashers, pepperoni, Cumberland sausage and chicken breast strips. You can order a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas including an option of creating one to your specific taste. Domino’s menu prices at Lincoln for example also include sides and chicken dishes between £3.49 to £5.99 for a Strippers Combo or a Kickers Combo.

Domino’s continues to be very successful in the UK thanks to the best of fresh, hand-tossed dough, delectable toppings and a promise to deliver within 30 minutes or less. Their franchisees are following this theme to perfection and customers appreciate the hot, fresh pizzas delivered to them with a smile. Domino’s in UK operates on a CSR theme that includes a responsibility to deliver high-class food that not only tastes great, but is also inventive and fun. They work on principles of reusing and recycling with an intention to lower energy use and harmful emissions into the atmosphere. They take good care of the employees and believe in doing their share for the community. Please find the Dominos prices of a Coventry location (CHEYLESMORE, Jan 10, 2016) below. Prices are physically collected from the restaurant. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice. Prices and menu’s offered may vary by Dominos location. All Dominos prices should only be used as estimates.

Dominos menu Prices

Classic Pizzas Personal Small Medium Large
7˝ – 4 slices 9.5˝ – 6 slices 11.5˝- 8 slices 10 Slices
You can create your own by choosing the crust, sauce cheese, topings & size!
Original Cheese & Tomato •topped with 100% mozzarella cheese and Domino’s own tomato sauce £3.99 £8.99 £10.99 £12.99
Chicken Tikka £6.99 £13.99 £15.99 £17.99
Mighty Meaty • £6.99 £13.99 £15.99 £17.99
Pepperoni Passion® £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Texas bbq™ £6.99 £13.99 £15.99 £17.99
Vegi Supreme •onions, green peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, tomatoes £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Chicken Feast £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Ham & Pineapple ham†, pineapple £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Hot and Spicy • onions, ground beef, green peppers, jalapeno peppers £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Meateor £6.99 £13.99 £15.99 £17.99
Meatilicious pepperoni, ham†, chicken breast strips††, smoked bacon rashers††, cumberland sausage £6.99 £13.99 £15.99 £17.99
New Yorker £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Ranch BBQ £6.99 £13.99 £15.99 £17.99
Tandoori Hot™ • £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Tuna Delight £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Vegi Colcano £5.99 £12.99 £14.99 £16.99
Sumptuous Sides    
Garlic Pizza Bread •a 6” base topped with 100% mozzarella cheese and Domino’s own tomato sauce £3.99  
Potato Wedges •seasoned and baked to perfection. served with bbq dip £3.99
Nachos £3.49
Nachos with Jalapenos £3.49
Twisted Dough Balls Cheese ™6 fresh dough pizza rolls brushed with garlic oil, fi lled with cheese and a choice of pepperoni, ham or cheese and herb sauce £3.99
Twisted Dough Balls ™6 fresh dough pizza rolls brushed with garlic oil, fi lled with cheese and a choice of pepperoni, ham or cheese and herb sauce £3.99
Chicken Strippers chicken breast goujons, coated in crispy breadcrumbs £4.99
Strippers Combo A full portion of chicken strippers® and potato wedges. Served with dips. with dip. £6.99
Chicken Kickers pieces of white chicken breast in a mildly spicy, crispy coating, served with a garlic & herb dip. Calories per half portion: 186 kcal £4.99
Kickers Combo A full portion of chicken kickers™ and potato wedges. Served with dips. £6.99
Chicken Wings lightly spiced chicken wings £4.99
Spicy BBQ Wings chicken wings coated in a medium spicy BBQ sauce £4.99
Tikka Wings Chicken wings coated in a medium spicy tikka sauce. £4.99
Franks Red Hot Wings Chicken wings coated in FRANK’S® RedHot® £4.99
Dips •bbq, garlic & herb, sweet chilli, honey & mustard and FRANK’S® RedHot® dip £0.49
Coleslaw 200g tub £1.99
Chilli Flakes £0.10
Sweeten the Deal  
6 warm fresh dough pizza rolls wrapped with delicious Belgian chocolate chips, sprinkled with icing sugar
Chocolate Melt •a rich, warm individual chocolate dessert with a melt in the middle chocolate centre. £3.99
Chocolate Brownies • with a gooey belgian chocolate chip centre £3.99
4 crunchy chewy warm & gooey cookies loaded with choc chips. Calories per half portion: 158 kcal
Ben & Jerry’s £4.99  
Thirst Quenchers  
Monster Energy £1.59
Dr Pepper/ Coca Cola/ Diet Coca Cola/ Coca Cola Zero/ Fanta/ Sprite £1.25

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