KFC breakfast menu

Everyone loves breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, but not a lot of people have the time to cook and eat a full breakfast every morning. Thanks to the KFC breakfast menu, though, you have more options for fast, hearty breakfast food.

While KFC is known for selling buckets of chicken, mashed potatoes, and other sides, for the past seven years, they’ve actually also had a KFC breakfast menu in the UK. Specifically created to compete with and offer an alternative to McDonald’s, the KFC breakfast has a lot going for it.
For one thing, when you order a breakfast wrap from the KFC menu, you’ll get enough food for an entire meal. In comparison to McDonald’s breakfast wraps, it’s a monster! Of course, KFC menu prices in the UK also reflect their portions. You’ll definitely pay more for a KFC breakfast than you will for some of the options from the competition.


The KFC Chicken, Bacon & Egg Twister is probably the best thing on the KFC breakfast menu, and UK customers are sure to love it for its sheer size and hearty, savoury flavour. If you’re going with a combo meal, you can also choose donut sticks and/or a hash brown if you’re feeling really hungry. The donut sticks are very sweet, though, so unless you have a major sweet tooth, they might not be the side for you.


With early KFC opening times starting at 6:00 in the morning and running until 10:30, you can enjoy a big, delicious breakfast at Kentucky Fried Chicken prices. You might end up spending a bit more than you would at McDonald’s or Taco Bell, but the KFC breakfast is worth a little extra cash to most customers.
What do you think of the KFC breakfast menu? Do you think the prices are reasonable for what you get?

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