Subway Breakfast menu

Want a delicious and nutritious twist on fast food breakfast? Then, you might really appreciate the Subway breakfast. Available on either their famous hoagie rolls or on flatbread, these healthy breakfast alternatives are full of protein and don’t have as many calories as some of the competition’s breakfast menu items.


Subway prices remain competitive for the Subway breakfast, and you can bet that you’ll get your money’s worth when you see the size of the breakfast items you can buy. For example, the Mega Melt comes with bacon, sausage, free a range egg omelette, and melted cheese, all wrapped in flatbread for a convenient and inexpensive breakfast when you’re on the go.


While Subway prices aren’t as low as the likes of Taco Bell, Subway has long been dedicated to creating healthy alternatives to other fast food chains’ offerings, and now they’re offering healthy breakfast options, too. Subway has worked hard to equate their name with healthy eating, and Subway nutrition is no less important for the breakfast menu.


Subway opening times are generally early, with Subway breakfast served between 6:00 and 10:30 AM at most locations (this may differ, depending on the location). With convenient, healthy breakfast items available when most customers want to eat a good breakfast, the current Subway breakfast times are set to be a success. Plus, their menu options are as enticing as the rest of the Subway menu, and you’ll usually only spend a couple of pounds on the Mega Melt, which is a great price for such a large breakfast.


What do you think of the Subway breakfast menu? Will you be ordering a Mega Melt or a bacon or sausage sub the next time you’re in Subway for breakfast hours? Or will you stick to the normal Subway menu?

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